• Emigrant facing any grievances with its foreign employer, shall contact Tanwar Travel Service on the below given email id grievance@tanwartravel.com with all the details along with its contact number.

• The redressal team shall get in touch with the emigrant within 24 hours/ 1 working day in order to understand in detail the matter.

• The grievance faced by the emigrant shall be escalated to the foreign employer within 4 - 7 working days based on the availability of the foreign employer.

• The grievance faced by the emigrant shall be notified to the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate in foreign country.

• The status of the case shall be updated to "Protector of Emigrants" & "Ministry of External Indian Affairs".

Tanwar Travel Service will ensure in coordination with the foreign employer the grievance is resolved at the earliest.

• In case an emigrant facing certain grievances wants to return back to India, he shall be returned only the payment made by him to Tanwar Travel Service in the form of DD / cheque

Tanwar Travel Service shall not be responsible for any other claim made by him to any other person.

Have any issues in working with our Agency or our Clients? Please use the form below to write to us explaining the details of the grievance and we will promptly forward this to the relevant authorities.

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